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Diamond Constellation Bracelet - Red [14 Karat Gold]

Diamond Constellation Bracelet - Red [14 Karat Gold]

4.9/5 ( 324 Reviews )
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They say that from the heart of the stars all the elements on earth were formed and bits of dust remains in everything. Keep a constant connection with the magic of the stars by adding a diamond for each of your Loved Ones. While it looks beautiful alone you can also mix and match it with other bracelets for a stunning layered look.


  • 14 karat gold
  • 0.02 ct Hi/Si Diamond
  • 5" - 8" adjustable red string wristband

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Customer Reviews
  1. Cynthia N.

    Very well made
  2. Lucy Ann L.

    The size of the birthstones , paired with Talisa bracelet of smaller crystal stones. They make a beautiful statement
  3. Lucy Ann L.

    The style & size of the birthstones
  4. Betty G.

    The bracelet has a nice weight and I like the idea that it is adjustable. Very nice looking piece.
  5. M Gerard H.

    Love the look.
  6. Sally B.

    Very beautiful
  7. Linda L.

    The style & fit
  8. Richard P.

    Wife loved the evil eye bracelet.
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