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Fairytale Ring

Fairytale Ring

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Who doesn't love fairy tales? Who doesn't wish his life was closer to be like in a fairy tale? Having all kinds of riches, living in a palace with the perfect partner, or even going on an exciting adventure. For now, what we can have is something that reminds us of a fairy tale or something that looks like it just popped out of one. This gold plated ring is exactly that by featuring a cubic zirconia stone on one side and a fish model on the other side.


  • gold plated over brass
  • cubic zirconia

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$34.20 $38.00
Customer Reviews
  1. Jennifer S.

    Unique and beautiful
  2. M Gerard H.

    Love the look.
  3. Sally B.

    Very beautiful
  4. Diana V.

    It is beautiful
  5. Kamron M.

    Excellent quality
  6. Renee D.

    VERY good quality and arrived promptly
  7. Mark R.

    Beautiful jewelry!
  8. Rosanna D.

    It was delivered quickly and on time! Quality was very nice for price. I was happy with my purchase.
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