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Unforgettable Memories Braille Necklace - Sterling Silver

Unforgettable Memories Braille Necklace - Sterling Silver

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Celebrate important people and dates with distinction and style.

This unique bar necklace lets you personalize your jewelry in a subtle way with Braille numbers and letters. This way, you and your loved one will know what's written on the bar... and it will be unique - just for you

You decide if you want to share the meaning or just keep it as a sleek and chic design.

  • 925 sterling silver bar necklace 1cm/8cm (0.4 inch x 3.14 inch)
  • Cable necklace length: 70cm (27.5 inches)
  • Please write 1-6 numbers or letters for personalization.
  • Handmade

Customer Reviews
  1. Braulio C.

  2. Brad R.

    Very easy and featured quality merchandise
  3. Tesha L.

  4. Eric T.

    Design and quality are good
  5. Charles Brown B.

    She going to love it . The quality is great
  6. Lisa A.

    I like everything about it, I love the chain and how the personalized names turned out on the front circle pendant
  7. Joanna M.

    Just what I expected
  8. Susan L.

    It is very well done
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