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Cherished Touch Birthstone Bracelet - Silver Plated

Cherished Touch Birthstone Bracelet - Silver Plated

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As we walk through life, we encounter all kinds of people and places. Each one leaves an impression or a feeling, some bad ones, and some good ones. We want to remember the good ones, whether it is a name, a sentence, a date, or coordinates. Cherish the good ones by adding the birthstone that symbolizes the cause of that on this stylish bracelet.


  • The charm is made of silver-plated over brass
  • The Bracelet is enriched with a Swarovski® crystal — Channel birthstone (6mm) of your choice
  • Choose the color of the cord band
  • Adjustable band up to 7.5"

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$42.50 $50.00
Customer Reviews
  1. James M.

    Was just what I ordered.
  2. Sharron F.

    For me it’s a very unique bracelet
  3. Mary S.

  4. Desiree'Shoop g.

    Its very pretty
  5. Nancy T.

  6. Ruth B.

  7. Dana H.

    The intricacies and delicate beauty.
  8. Melissa W.

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